Our Vision

To bring access to educational resources and promoting excellence to all under-privileged youth.

Key Objectives

  • Facilitate access to information communication technology via “Kasi eCentres” for every urban and rural citizen.
  • Introduce supplementary educational interventions for learners and school-leavers especially in mathematics, science, accounting, technology and computer literacy.
  • Provide career guidance and assist with compilation of CV’s and identification funding sources for tertiary education.
  • Make available printing, photocopying, faxing and internet access services locally.
  • Offer support and networking services for SMME’s.
  • Introduce affordable driving lessons, basic computer literacy and chess lessons.
  • Encouraging tertiary education studying and super internet using platforms that offers FREE credible courses.

What We Aim To Achieve?

This initiative is targeting to have a positive impact where mostly black youth and adults to access various opportunities to improve their lives. EDUSERVICE aims to allow high school learners, university & college students, parents, unemployed youth, and career changers to:

  • Access to free learning support material in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Accounting and Computer Technology
  • Access to free latest tertiary University eBooks and open source software
  • Access to free online career assessments websites and Life Choice tips
  • Through partnership with local organisations to teach youth Sport, healthy living , Craft and Art & Culture Skills
  • Search for jobs, including: graduate, vacation, part-time and casual, internships, learnerships and permanent job opportunities.
  • Register for career workshops and career expos on each campus.
  • Do online learner’s driving lessons and being referred to a free driving lessons service provider.
  • Will open 7 days / week to provide resources on employability and entrepreneurial skill programmes closer to where unemployed youth stay.
  • To sustain the project, internet and CV printing will be charged at a very low rate as long as a beneficiary does not download non-educational material.


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