Gratitude For Assistance

I would like to thank Mr V Majola for the assistance he provided to me. He played a very important role on exalting my hope, and assisting me on fulfilling my plans for future. I first met him at Vincent Library in East London, I was preparing for my Trial Exams (September).

His respectfulness and humbleness made me to reveal everything to him, he wasn’t that much interested on my background, but on my future. On our conservation he discovered that I have no plans for future, that’s where he jumped to help, he started by providing text books (answer series), and he gave me his contacts saying that “if you have any kind of problem contact me her, I will help” I took the opportunity and I used it. After that I never sat with any problem. He help me on everything, he provided extra material that included previous question papers, even food sometimes. One day he opened a book with careers and he explained each and every career that would suit my subjects. Mechanical Engineering was the most interesting course among those he mentioned, I applied for it immediately. He looked for a bursary.

At the beginning of this year I received a letter from the institution Cape Peninsula University of Technology, confirming the provisional acceptance for Mechanical Engineering (Marine). After few days, another call from Transnet informing me that they are offering me a bursary. He came first on my mind, I quickly picked the phone, I telephoned him, he was happy too.

I am now studying everything is in an ordered manner. I am scoring good marks, I have an average of 89% on Electrotechnology, 67% law, 70% Maths, 58% MEK, 65% Mechanical engineering, 87% Communications, and 81% Computers. And my bursary is still running smooth.

May my loving God richly bless Mr Majola. And continue doing good work to others and make the difference.

Nkosithandile Vuke
083 371 0059


Appreciation Letter

With all respect, I would love to pass my voice of thanks to Education And Services Solutions for the huge role you played in helping me find a sponsorship. If it wasn’t for you, I would not have been where I am. The first time I found out about the organization it was through my neighbour and family friend, Ms Lungile Myaka. She gave me the contact details of Mr Vuyani Majola and I jumped to the phone at that time. I hesitated the organisation at first because I had never heard about it before, but the saying “beggars aren’t choosers” kept ringing in my head. However Education And Services Solutions proved me wrong.

I was handled with kid gloves. The relationship I got with Mr Majola was not the one I expected from someone running an organization. I got the father and daughter relationship. I would consult with anything I had a problem with. I remember one day telling him that I am thinking of giving up, he encouraged not to.

I found support, generosity, word of advice and so much more from him. He gave me hope when I felt hopeless, gave me strength when I was weak. I would not hesitate to pick up the phone and call him at any time.

The first call I made to Mr Majola on the 15th of January 2013 is the reason I am where I am. It was not easy at all, I had to experience all the seasons (autumn, winter & spring) before coming to summer, the season of joy. The organization tried all the best to find me funding while supporting me financially also. I am now at Fort Hare, with the sponsorship and I give all the credit to the organization.

Maybe it may seem like it’s a small thing to you but to me it’s very big, it took me to where I had given up that I will ever be. It was God’s grace to bring such people to my life. I wish I can say many words but I cannot think of any except two words “THANK YOU”. I know they are very familiar but they come from within. Continue doing this to others, never stop and change lives of more ambitious students out there.

Smethembe Mbhense
071 796 0679


2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. I give a credit to EduService and Solutions. I was in dark position last year around May and it was Saturday I come across the tall whiteman from my laboratory at school where I started my calling as Educator.
    We gone to the Location called Tombo at Port St Johns together while he was going back to East London. Then We talked on the way with many things then I revealed everything because Mr V Majola is an open person and he is trustworthy and honest. where I found myself in June holiday at East London with him for two weeks. I went to course of professionalism and now I am a man of my dreams not others dreams, I do everything to support this organisation

    Thank you SirV
    from Mzondi T.

    • Good evening Mzondi,

      Thank you man – you make me bit emotional!You are a true champion yourself – it is very rare to find a young person like yourself who is very passionate and genuinely LOVE teaching and changing lives!!

      God bless you young man!

      Yours in Education Excellence,
      Vuyani Majola

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